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Typing Games

See how skilled you are at typing in these free typing games!

Typing Games - Test out Your Keyboarding Skills

The internet is full of free typing games that help improve your touch typing abilities. Users can learn to type faster while having fun with the provided gameplay. Some typing games give you a word score per minute that you can continually strive toward until your fingers are on fire from the flurry of rapid keystrokes! Over time, you will improve your typing abilities, which can be helpful in work and education.

Typing Games for Kids

Keyboarding games for kids are useful for developing typing speed and muscle memory. Some could be comparable to popular dance mat titles.

Not all typing games involve the pressure of meeting a speed target. You can casually scribble the names of those you wish to enact vengeance upon in games like Death Note Type, for a bit of silly fun!


What are the most popular Typing Games?

  1. Pop-a-Word
  2. Blood and Goods
  3. Hacker vs Robots
  4. Battle Typer
  5. Death Note Type
  6. Text Twist

What are the best Typing Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Text Twist
  2. Battle Typer
  3. Pop-a-Word

What are some underrated Typing Games?

  1. Text Twist

What are Typing Games?

Typing games improve your typing skills by requiring you to type in letters, words, and phrases quickly and accurately. These games can be both educational and fun to play!

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