Crossword Connect


Connect the letters to solve the crossword. Find bonus words to earn extra points and use the hints if you get stuck. Crossword Connect is a relaxing puzzle game you can play at a steady pace.

NOTE: If the game is not working properly, try hard refreshing the page (Ctrl + F5).

How to Play

Play Crossword Connect by connecting the letters in the circle. The game starts with four letters in the circle. If you find words that aren't in the crossword, you'll get a bonus point.

Each Crossword Connect level you complete will reward you with brilliance points. After a few rounds, you'll get a chest full of coins. When you get stuck, you can use your coins to get hints by clicking the lightbulb on the right.

The game progresses at a relaxing pace and has a peaceful theme, making it a comfortable experience for a wide range of players. The game becomes more challenging later, with the introduction of more letters and complex words.

Game Tips

In the early stage of the game, save up your coins and don't use the hints unless you need to. That way, you'll have plenty of coins for hints when the game gets more challenging! Use the buttons on the left of the screen to rearrange the letters and check up on your bonus words.

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Release Date

January 2019


Crossword Connect is made by playh5.


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile). It's also available as an Android app.



Use the mouse or touch to connect letters to form words