Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 is a game that tests your knowledge of words. The game presents you with letters that you have to arrange into as many words as you can before the time runs out. More words mean more points and progression into even harder word challenges!


Test your vocabulary and discover new words! You'll be surprised at how many words you can find with a small selection of letters. Equally, you'll be amazed at how many words you can't see as the levels get harder. There's an element of gameplay that's similar to classic games like Countdown and Boggle, which both involve creating words from a scrambled arrangement of letters.


The challenge is recognizing letter combinations as words. You need excellent visualization skills and a strong knowledge of different terms. Thankfully, due to the variety of simple and complex words, it's quite enjoyable for players of all ages.


Although Text Twist 2 is a real challenge for adults due to the volume of words and time-constraints, there's a lot for kids to learn too. The game is educational in that kids can enjoy finding the words they do know, while learning how to spell, and learning entirely new words.


  • Suitable for players of any skill level
  • Features a variety of word puzzles
  • Timed rounds for challenging gameplay
  • Educational - learn new words or teach your kids

Word Games

Word games and puzzle games are a great way to stimulate your mind. Here are two similar word games to play next:

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Web browser (HTML5)


GameHouse is the developer of Text Twist 2.



Use your mouse to select your chosen letters.
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