8.4 is an epic multiplayer IO game that takes precedent from the hugely popular In this game you must control a single cell and attempt to grow to an immense size by eating smaller cells. You move around the multiplayer arena using your mouse, and you can use the space bar to split your cell into many smaller ones.

You must keep moving and work out a strategy to try and dominate your enemies. Don't forget that you can shoot cells too and that if en enemy touches you then they will consume you - you can only consume cells that are smaller however. This improved version features 5 different exciting game modes too!

Release Date

November 2017


xAz developed


  • 5 game modes with a different ability
  • Several settings to use, for example, less lag and dark mode
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Fun to play if you are fans who want to seek a different challenge


Web browser



  • Use your mouse to control the movement
  • Space bar to split
  • W to shoot
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