Use your computer to play Or try one of the games below! is a fun .io racing game in which you control a certain shape and must compete against other online players to claim the Nobrakes racing title. You must race around the circuit and pass all the checkpoints to be declared the winner. This might sound easy however the longer you race for, the more difficult it becomes to control your vehicle and the faster you travel. You must have brilliant reactions and great control to compete at the higher levels.

Throughout each race you can collect a range of power-ups that boost your speed or can destroy you! You cannot touch the sides of the track – if you do your race is over so drive carefully! Depending on your performance you gain money. This money can be used to purchase different shaped vehicles. Can you control your shape and become a top racing champion or will you smash into the sides and finish in last place?

Developer is developed by Totebo Games.


Use left and right arrow to steer.