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MiniClip is both a game developer and a browser game repository. Their most notable title is the hugely successful 8 Ball Pool. Aside from this, they have hundreds of free online games available. We have gathered a great choice of titles from this provider for your benefit.

What can you expect from Miniclip Games?

We are crazy about MiniClip games - the huge repository offers endless playing time. This website and developer offers a great selection of titles from many genres and mobile games. They also have an excellent selection of sports games. The following are some common features of MiniClip titles:

  • Wide variety of genres and game types
  • Awesome graphics and music
  • A plethora of sports-themed titles such as 8 Ball Pool
  • Fun gameplay for both singleplayer and multiplayer

What Miniclip Games can you play at Crazygames?

MiniClip hosts thousands of games on their website such as tower defense and games including awesome sports competitions. Furthermore, they have produced a myriad of awesome singleplayer and multiplayer titles too. The following are some of the most popular MiniClip titles:

8 Ball Pool - This is the most popular MiniClip game available. Millions of players from around the world grab a pool cue and battle it out in epic multiplayer games. This pool game is realistic and has excellent graphics. Furthermore, there is a range of cool prizes and accessories players can unlock such as new cues. Why not test your pool skills today?Sports Hero - Continuing the sports theme, Sports Hero is a fun game in which players can participate in various Olympic disciplines such as 100m, hurdles, and long jump. The athletics gameplay is exciting and two-player action allows you to compete against friends. See if you can gain any medals in this awesome title.Flip Diving - Flip Diving is a simple but addictive diving game from Miniclip. Players control a single diver who is perched on the top of a cliff. The aim is to successfully dive into the ocean below whilst performing cool flips. Different flips can be unlocked such as pikes, backflips, and half-twists. Moreover, players can jump from different - This game offers awesome multiplayer combat in typical IO fashion. Each player controls a single circle that is equipped with a gun. The aim is to obtain points, and to eliminate the other players. Upgrades and new tank models are available to purchase with points - these upgrades increase your firepower and survivability. Mahjong - Classic board games are extremely popular with MiniClip. Mahjong is an ancient Chinese board game in which players must match together different tiles with symbols. It is essentially a game of pair matching, but players must pay attention to the order and level of the tiles they attempt to match. This developer and game website certainly offers some great titles and players can experience them all here at CrazyGames. With over 50 different titles to choose from, there is a genre to suit everyone’s play style and preferences. Check out our superb Miniclip selection today!

We collected 40 of the best free online miniclip games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new miniclip games such as and top miniclip games such as SuperHot, Motherload, and Blooming Gardens.
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