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Browse our collection of free jewel games and become entranced by the precious gems, colors and music! You can sort the jewel games by top, newest, and most played using the filter.

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Jewel Games - A Signature Style of the Match-3 Genre

Jewel games are an aesthetic subgenre of tile-matching games where you swap and match jewels to clear them from the board.

Bejeweled was the pioneering game in this genre, starting on the web and taking inspiration from classic retro games like Tetris. More widely, the game studio launched one of the first smash-hit match-3 franchises, and that went on to inspire a slew of similar titles to emerge, like Candy Crush.

The Best Jewel Games

Jewels Blitz 4 is a popular online jewel game featuring super-addictive gameplay. Match various precious gemstones in lines of three or more and watch them pop out of existence. Match larger quantities at once to unlock epic combos and achieve higher scores.

Other jewel games follow a similar format with small variations in the theme and gameplay. Check out Jewel Academy and Jewel Burst for a different experience.

What are Jewel Games?

Jewel games feature various jewels and gems as the main theme. Most jewel games involve match-3 mechanics, which means you have to match three of the same jewel to clear them from the level.

We collected 26 of the best free online jewel games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new jewel games such as and top jewel games such as Gem Drop, Jewel Monsters, and Diamond Rush 2.
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