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Geography Games

Do you know your famous landmarks and locations? Test your geographical awareness in any of these online geography games!

Understand the World Through Maps

Learn about geography in these fun, free geography games! Deepen your knowledge of countries, states, cities, and landmarks. If you have a deep love for exploration, you will enjoy these geography games. You can play them on desktop and mobile devices.

Play the Best Geography Games

One of the most famous geography games is Geoguessr, where you are dropped in a random location and must guess where you are. There are also many games to play here with different objectives.

In Flags Quiz you must correctly identify the country associated with the presented flags. Browse the full collection for more fun geography games and put your knowledge of Earth to the test. If you want to test your knowledge in other subjects, check out our quiz games for more!


What are the most popular Geography Games?

  1. Trivia Crack
  2. Flags Quiz
  3. Bible MapQuest: New Testament
  4. Bible MapQuest: Old Testament
  5. USA Geography

What are the best Geography Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Flags Quiz
  2. Trivia Crack

What are Geography Games?

Geography games test your knowledge of places around the world. Quiz your memory on map locations and famous landmarks or get dropped at random places and guess where you are!

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