9.0 is a 3D adventure game in which you will need to battle against a host of other online players. You will start each game with only basic tools available, use them strategically to survive the harsh landscape and early stages of the game. Quickly start to gather resources that will enable you to craft powerful tools which can be used to eliminate other players and defend yourself.

You can choose from the 5 characters options to play with before starting a game. Choose your favorite to give yourself a personalized look. There is another cool game mode also including zombies that you can battle and take down. Have fun!

Release Date

October 2018


May Maji made


  • 3D multiplayer survival game
  • Resource gathering and building mechanisms
  • The game is played in a room
  • Five free character options to use
  • You can battle zombies


This game is a web browser game.



  • WASD or arrow keys to control the character's movement
  • Right mouse button to eat or use an item
  • 12345 to use the item shortcut
  • F to use
  • B to open bag
  • G to upgrade
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