Warrior vs Zombies

Warrior vs. Zombies is a fun first person shooter survival game. You live in a quiet village in Japan and a zombie apocalypse has broken out. You must survive using your simple knife and try to kill as many zombies as possible – the zombies come in waves. You are the only survivor as all the villagers have been turned into zombies. Move around the village, seek cover and stay alert.

As you move around the village you can find other weapons to help your survival; you can also pick up medi-kits if you are running low on health. The graphics are cool and the gameplay is gripping. How many waves can you survive for against the hordes of the undead?



  • WASD or ZQSD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to attack
  • Right click to block
  • 123 to select weapon
  • Shift to run
  • P to pause
  • E to use item
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