Ultimate Assassin

Ultimate Assassin is an awesome top-down ninja game in which you must eliminate a plethora of enemies in a series of fun and challenging levels. The gameplay is top-down and has retro graphics – you control the black ninja dot, and your task is to eliminate the green target dot. During each level you must use your ninja skills and cunning to bypass the blue guards and reach your target without being detected.

Once you have eliminated the green target you must wait for a short period of time for your exit to appear. Use the Z key for a burst of speed, and use the X key whilst stationary to become invisible for a short period of time. You must move quickly and watch the movement patterns of the guards. Time your movements carefully and use your special abilities only when necessary. Can you complete all 20 levels and prove your worth as the Ultimate Assassin? Developer Ultimate Assassin is developed by Erman Haskan, a Turkish game developer.



  • Arrow keys to move
  • Z to use speed ability
  • X to use camouflage ability (use when you are standing still)

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