Pixel Volley

Pixel Volley is a fun and entertaining volleyball game featuring pixelated characters and cool volleyball gameplay. You controll two different players and you must keep them jumping to keep the volleyball in the air and prevent it from touching your side of the court.

Each time you play with a different ball from beach balls and footballs, to rugby balls! Time your jumps carefully and prevent the ball from falling too low otherwise it will hit the ground. You can play in an arcade style match or try out your skills in a tournament! Can you conquer Pixel Volley? If you enjoy this game, why not try the unpredictable Ping Pong Chaos?

Release Date

Originally released as an iOS game in March 2017, and since February 2018 this game is available online.


FM Studio developed Pixel Volley.


  • Many pixel character options that you can use and unlock
  • Fun gameplay concept that makes everything unpredictable
  • Different giant ball models
  • Four cool game modes that you can play, including 2 player match
  • Nice music throughout the game


  • Web browser
  • iOS


Single player controls

Use left and right arrow to make the character jump.

2 player controls

  • ZX to make the character on left side jump
  • Left and right arrow to make the character on right side jump
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