Monster Marbles: Turf War
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Monster Marbles: Turf War

Monster Marbles: Turf War is a unique game of marbles - this game is inspired by the old school game of marble that children used to play at school. The aim is simple - using your single marble, you must push all the opposing marbles out of the arena. This game requires skill, a true aim and consideration - how much power should you put into your shot? What angle should you hit the marbles from? Which marble should you hit first?

The theme of the game is brilliant and your marbles have cute monster faces on them. Furthermore the music is calming and the graphics are smooth. There are several different game modes - classic, attack and play with a friend. Classic is the basic version in which you complete a range of different levels. Attack on the other hand lets you compete against an AI opponent. And VS a friend allows you to play a 2 player game with your friends. Can you become a marble expert?


Monster Marbles: Turf War is developed by Tim Holmgren.


Drag left mouse button backwards on a ball to aim, release to shoot.