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Golden Acres (Farm)

Golden Acres is a fun and exciting farm simulation game. In the game, you must plant and grow crops, harvest your produce and manage the day to day running of your beautiful farm. You must first rebuild your farm buildings and sow crops. You can plant a wide range of different crops such as wheat and corn and you can also build production facilities such as a Bread Oven, a Mill and a Dairy Processing plant. Each production plant requires different materials. For example, the bread oven requires wheat.

Aside from planting crops and running production facilities you can also perform deliveries to other local businesses. Your truck will take produce such as wheat to other customers and bring back money in return. As the game progresses you can unlock new features and areas such as a mine and even an air balloon. You can also visit neighboring farms to trade. The graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is interesting. Can you build a successful farm in Golden Acres?

Release Date

September 2017


Golden Acres was made by Plinga.


  • Web browser
  • Android



Left click to play.
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