Fleeing the Complex

You are trapped inside a small prison cell, and you have to escape not just your cell, but the whole prison! If you fail, death is awaiting you... Fleeing the Complex is an amazing stick figure escape game. The highly secured prison is guarded by some strong stick soldiers. You will have to make good and fast decisions to make it out alive. Good luck!


Released in 2015, Fleeing the Complex is the 5th and (so far) last sequel in the Henry Stickmin adventure series. Like the earlier games (Breaking the Bank, Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond and Infiltrating the Airship), the goal is to choose the right paths, tools and moves while you try break into or out of different places to escape - or cause - trouble.

The entire game is based on quick-thinking, strategy, and decision-making. Along the way, you'll find help from the environment and even old or new friends. Each sequel is tied into the previous game (i.e. Escaping the Prison happens because of Henry's criminal actions in Breaking the Bank). Not every choice you make will lead to a bad ending, but some lead to "fails" from the get-go. In Breaking the Bank, every choice will be a fail. This is probably to set Henry up for his next adventure as he tries to escape from prison. The fact that you can't really predict which choice makes the most sense means Fleeing the Complex is just as unpredictable as the earlier games (except Breaking the Bank).

Release Date

November 2015


Puffballs United made this game.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS
This version emulates Flash since it's no longer widely supported. You can play the original Flash version here.



The controls are simple. You're presented with a decision on the screen, then you click on the option, action or tool you'd like to use.

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