Infiltrating the Airship

Can you choose wisely and help the stickman in this game to accomplish his goals? Ralph the stickman is attempting to infiltrate a gigantic airship to capture the villainous Henry. You must use your intelligence to help him choose the correct course of action to ensure he succeeds.

Infiltrating the Airship continues Puffballs United's string of popular games from this genre (other titles include Breaking the Bank, Fleeing the Complex and Escaping the Prison) and presents a new scenario for you to tackle.

At each stage of the game, you are presented with a selection of options to choose from that will directly alter how stickman progresses through the story; will he infiltrate the airship using a block of C4? Maybe he will try his luck with a jar of acid or a simple knock on the hatch? Each choice will either result in a fail, or progression to the next stage, plus a large dose of humor and funny cut-scenes. If you make the wrong choice, fear not; each stage can be replayed, or you can replay the whole mission from the beginning.

If you are looking for a spot of fun, humor, and a mental challenge, give Infiltrating the Airship a try!


  • Choice-based gameplay
  • Packed with humor and wit
  • A variety of different endings and possible outcomes


Infiltrating the Airship is a web-based browser game.


Created by Puffballs United, this developer has published a series of engaging stick games such as Breaking the Bank, Stealing the Diamond, and Crossing the Pit. If you like Infiltrating The Airship, make sure to also try out Fleeing The Complex, an equally awesome game by the same makers!

This is the emulated Flash version since Flash is no longer supported. You can still check the Flash version here.



Use left mouse button to make your choices.

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