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New Year Makeup Trends

(48,270 votes)
January 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

New Year Makeup Trends is a free fashion game where you help Ellie, Olivia, and Kiki find the perfect look for the new year! Mix & match hairstyles, dresses, makeup shades, and much more to look stunning for the end-of-year party!

How to Play

Show your styling mettle

After having a short chat with the gals, it’s time to get ready for the big day! These girls are relying on your skills as a professional stylist to look fabulous for the party. What bedazzling styles will you choose to ensure they leave an impression?

Select from a range of styles

Styling the girls one by one, choose from a range of makeup styles and clothing items to craft the perfect appearance. You can peruse eye shadow shades, apply eye shadow and lashes, fit stunning dresses and much more.

Browse unique looks

When you’ve completed the look for the first character, it’s onto the next. Each character has a unique set of clothes and styles, so your creativity is refreshed for each person.

Snap a selfie

Have you styled all three girls for the big party? Head to the camera room to snap some stylish pics and share them on socials so everyone can see you and your home girls are ready for an awesome New Year bash!

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Release Date

January 2024


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use your mouse to play the game on a desktop or tap to play on mobile devices.


Who are Ellie, Olivia, and Kiki in New Year Makeup Trends?

They are three best friends who love to party with impeccable style.

Can I start over in New Year Makeup Trends?

Sure! Once you finish playing you can refresh the page to start a new game and try out a fresh set of styles!