Fatal Stick Fight

Fatal Stick Fight is supposedly the game that inspired the original Mortal Kombat series so get ready for some intense and bloody fights! Zurros is an ancient demon that has escaped from the Underworld and wishes to reign terror on the earth - you must stop him by entering a tournament of death fights. You can choose from three difficulties and also play a practice session to get used to the controls and gameplay.

Once you have selected a difficulty level you can choose from a range of characters each with their own unique move set and finishers. Be sure to check out the move combos before entering battle otherwise you could find the game extremely hard - it is advised to practice first before entering the tournament! Once you have mastered the practice mode and perfected your moves, can you take on the contestants and become the Fatal Stick fight champion?


Fatal Stick Fight is developed by KBbasic16.

Release Date

August 2017


Controls Option 1

  • W to jump
  • D to duck
  • AD to move forward or back
  • I to run
  • J to punch
  • K to kick
  • L to block

Controls Option 2

  • W to jump
  • D to duck
  • AD to move forward or back
  • 1 to run
  • 2 to punch
  • 3 to kick
  • 5 to block
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