Dungeonfield is the minecraft style 2D world in which you can explore the mysterious dungeons and battle epic monsters that stand in your way. Explore the lands using your trusty axe to destroy objects and gather materials to craft handy tools that will help you on your journey.

You can completely customize the character that will explore this brilliant land with and discover all that it holds. Move from dungeon to dungeon making sure that you keep collecting resources to help you craft useful tools as these will help you win epic battles. Get moving, those dungeons won’t explore themselves!

Release Date

September 2013


  • Minecraft-style gameplay in a sandbox world
  • Customizable character's appearance
  • 5 map options
  • 2 game modes: survival and creative


This game is a web browser game.



  • WASD or arrow keys to control movement
  • Left click to dig, build, and attack
  • Right click to interact
  • I to cycle items
  • Q to access inventory
  • M to open map
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