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Minecraft Tower Defense

(54,906 votes)
January 2015
Flash (emulated)
Browser (desktop-only)

How long can you survive against the hoard in Minecraft Tower Defense, a minecraft-inspired tower defense game?

While there are a plethora of tower defense games on the market today, there are non-quite like Minecraft Tower Defense. This amazing browser games combines elements of the iconic Minecraft game, together with simple and engaging tower defense strategy. With typical pixelated Minecraft graphics, this game is truly inviting and anyone who loves the original will find this tower defense version addictive!

To prepare yourself against the incoming hordes of creatures, you must first create a winding path to your defensive tower. Once you have done this, you can build a variety of defensive towers and traps – these include egg throwing towers, water pools and archer towers to name a few. Your defensive network will defend your tower against the creatures, and you will gain additional resources for each monster you dispatch. In-between each wave, you can upgrade your towers and traps, and build additional means of defense. How long will you survive? How effective will your defense prove to be?


  • Choose from a variety of defensive towers and weapons
  • Build a complex path to misdirect your enemies
  • Try to survive as many waves as possible!


This game can be played in your web browser thanks to Ruffle. Browse our Flash games for more.


Minecraft Tower Defense is created by antimYT.

How to Play

Set your path, pick your weapons, and DEFEND. In this exciting tower defense game, you have to defend your base from evil characters such as Creepers. Upgrade and build more defense weapons to stop the enemies.

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