Bartender: Perfect Mix

Creating cocktails can be a fun exercise – you can use a range of different spirits and garnishes to try and make the perfect beverage. Bartender: Perfect Mix allows you to get behind the bar and try your hand at cocktail mixing! Miguelita is the barwoman and she has at her disposal a range of delightful cocktails. It is your task to try different mixtures and try to make the divine 'Swimming Pool' cocktail.

Choose from different spirits such as Vodka, Rum and Curacao and then add different juices and syrups to create some mouthwatering flavors. Furthermore you can also add garnishes such as lime, cherries and ice. Remember to shake your mixture well before serving! Aside from making cocktails, you can also choose different outfits for Miguelita to wear as she tends the bar. Can you create the perfect Swimming Pool cocktail?

If you like this game, you should also play the original bartender game, it's a lot of fun as well!


  • Left click to choose an item
  • Hold left mouse button on the action button to do it
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