Angry Gran Up Up and Away
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Angry Gran Up Up and Away

Angry Gran Up Up and Away presents a new twist on the popular Angry Gran series. Our beloved angry gran has become tired of running through the streets all day and causing mayhem – this time she has taken to the sky and has not perfected the art of flying! Help angry gran fly through the sky and try to collect as many gold coins as possible.

This game is a great title and can be played on your web browser but also touchscreen mobile devices too! Use the A/D or Left/Right keys to control the movement of angry gran as she flies through the sky. Be sure to collect as many gold coins as possible and also land on the platforms. Some platforms have awesome power-ups that will help gran fly higher such as a jetpack or shield. Use the coins you earn to purchase fantastic upgrades for gran – how high can you fly with our special angry lady?

Release Date

Initially released as mobile apps in October 2017 and from December 2017 can be enjoyed online.


Angry Gran Up Up and Away is made by Ace Viral.


  • Missions to be completed
  • New characters to be used in the mobile version
  • Buyable upgrades to increase the effectiveness of power-ups
  • Nice graphics with simple controls


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Use AD or left/right arrow to move left or right.