A-B-Zombie is a fun puzzle game with a twist. You are a sheep named Iwan who is making the very last stand against the apocalypse of zombies taking over the earth. You are the Earth's one and only hope, and you must hold off the zombies using your word puzzle solving skills! I know, who would have thought!

The game is simple, there will be blanks in which you need to guess the correct letters to fill them. The quicker you find the correct letters to help you guess the word, the further you will push the zombies back. Be quick! Do not let the zombies eat your brains! Have fun!

Release Date

October 2018


Michael Dobekidis developed this game.


  • A fun word guessing game with zombies
  • Random background scene
  • The zombie is eliminated with a different thing once you guess the correct word
  • A lot of words to guess


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use left mouse button to choose a word.
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