Kick The Critter

A long time ago there was a little guy named M. Critter. Mister Critter was living a peaceful life, until an incredibly heavy rainfall flooded his world. He started running for his life and one his way came across an old guy with a long white beard and a boat full of animals. M. Critter asked if he could get on his boat, but the old man answered 'HOW ABOUT NO!?'. Mister Critter built a machine to pursuit the old man and his boat. That is the background story for this unique arcade games. You will help the Critter to clear many different levels, unlocking upgrades (to improve his skills) while kicking the Critter as far as possible across the sky (how far can you kick him?). Kick the Critter even features a bunch of fun mini games, including Flappy Batty, Floor is Lava, Duck and Cover!, You are drunk Mr. C, and Soviet Critter. Have fun!


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