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Troll Games

U mad, bro? Well, you don't have to be if you master our huge library of troll games! Sure, you can take on the typical monster trolls, but wouldn't it also be fun to wipe that smug smile off of trollface? Solve puzzles or just use violence to put trolls in their place. Whatever style you're into, this is one type of troll that you WILL want to feed! All of our troll games have a great visual and gameplay experience, whether you want to take on monsters or memes!


What are the most popular Troll Games?

  1. Noob Trolls Pro
  2. A Castle for Trolls
  3. Trollface: The Game
  4. Riddle School 4
  5. Trollface Quest: Horror
  6. Trollface Quest: Horror 3

What are the best Troll Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Noob Trolls Pro
  2. Trollface: The Game
  3. Trollface Quest: Horror 3
  4. Trollface Quest: Horror

What are Troll Games?

Troll games are unique in the sense that they don't always center around monsters. In fact, they often make use of the trollface meme to mock the player if they fail at certain challenges. They're usually 2D and cover side-scrolling, fighting and puzzle style games.

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