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Developed by  GamePix

TenTrix is a fantastic puzzle game set on a 10x10 playing board. The objective is to fit all the pieces together in rows like Tetris, but the pieces don’t fall. Instead, you can match rows in any direction and place pieces where you want.

How to Play TenTrix

TenTrix vs Tetris - what's the difference?

TenTrix and other 10x10 games are like Tetris but lack the physics. This difference means you can place blocks at any point around the board, and clear rows both vertically and horizontally.

This change in physics completely alters the strategy of the game. As such, there is a more diverse array of pieces you wouldn’t find on a game like Tetris.

The endgame

TenTrix provides you with a choice of 3 pieces at a time, and you must use all of those pieces before being able to see any more. As the game progresses, the free space will reduce as you struggle to find the ideal placement for each block.

The game ends when you have a piece to place on the board, but there is no space for it. At the end of each game you get a high score to try and beat next time you play.

TenTrix Tips

  • Don’t play TenTrix like it’s Tetris - you can build in any direction.
  • Learn the different pieces so you know what to expect. Knowing what’s to come will allow you to plan ahead.
  • Make sure you don’t create too many small enclosures, as many pieces are large and could end the game quickly.

Release Date

July 2016


TenTrix is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Drag left mouse button to move a piece.