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Block Champ


Block Champ is a 10x10-style Tetris game with a few unique twists and turns. Create horizontal and vertical rows of blocks to clear them from the game and increase your score.

How to Play Block Champ

Basic rules

Block Champ is similar to Tetris, but completely different at the same time. You can choose whether you’d like to play with multicolored blocks, or one single color at the beginning.

Instead of trying to fit blocks in as they fall to make horizontal rows, you place the pieces yourself anywhere on the board. You can clear rows both horizontally and vertically, like in 10x10.

There are also several much larger blocks than in Tetris, so you have to consider the available space. If there is no space for a certain block, it will be greyed out until you make space for it.

Unique twists

The extra twists in Block Champ are the lightning bolts and ice blocks. Lightning bolts are activated when two align, clearing a row without having to fill all the spaces. The ice blocks reproduce a square in the same location after a row is cleared.


Once you can no longer fit the remaining pieces on the board, the game ends and you get your final score to outdo next time.

Release Date

April 2020


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Drag left mouse button to move the pieces.