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Explore the Cosmos

If you’re looking for space travel and epic ship battles around crumbling asteroid belts, check out Space Battle. This 3D game has you whizzing around solar systems taking on a range of tricky challengers. Sol Wars is a similar title featuring the same kind of cosmic clashes but online against other players!

Battle with Advanced Weaponry

Some gamers prefer to keep the fighting on the ground—no flying around getting lost in outer space. Ev.io is a popular FPS game set in a futuristic battle arena where you can fight other gamers in fast-paced tactical shootouts. Similarly, Spaceguard.io is an FPS set in space, with gameplay reminiscent of classics like Quake and Doom.

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The most popular sci-fi games are typically based on shooting or space exploration. Sometimes both are combined. Whether you want to blast your opponents with alien laser beams or catapult through 3-dimensional hyperspace, there’s a sci-fi game where you can do just that.

You can play any of these games for free in your web browser, whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device. Check them out and find a futuristic theme that resonates with you.


What are the most popular Sci-Fi Games?

  1. CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots
  2. Idle Space Business Tycoon
  3. Space Battle
  4. Sol Wars
  5. UFO Jigsaw Puzzle
  6. Ev.io
  7. Jamir
  8. BlackChain
  9. Dangerous Planet
  10. Orbital Invaders

What are the best Sci-Fi Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots
  2. Galactic War - Space Shooter
  3. Laser Adventures
  4. Idle Space Business Tycoon
  5. Shmupnage

What are Sci-Fi Games?

Sci-fi games feature speculative fiction that combines imaginative and futuristic concepts heavily into the theme of the game. Often these science-fiction titles feature advanced technology, parallel universes, aliens, and other concepts that people often speculate about in regards to the distant future.

We collected 56 of the best free online sci-fi games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new sci-fi games such as and top sci-fi games such as CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots, Idle Space Business Tycoon, and Space Battle.
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