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Penguin Games

We have collected more than 20 penguin games for you to play. You can play them directly online in your browser.

Penguins are adorable animals that come in many shapes and sizes. These small, fluffy creatures live in the southern parts of our world and are built to survive in harsh conditions. Penguin species include Gentoo, Chinstrap and Emperor to name a few – everyone recognizes their characteristic black and white colors and their funny waddle. Since their discovery, we have been captivated by these little characters and they have appeared in many documentaries, films, and computer games.

Penguin browser games take many different forms. There are literally hundreds of games involving penguins – from exciting platforms games and RPGs to penguin battles and penguin puzzle games. During these games, you will take control of some cuddly penguins and get them to perform a range of tasks. Penguin games are usually a great deal of fun and provide endless amounts of humor and fast-paced gameplay.

We have a fantastic selection of Penguin themed games for your enjoyment. Yeti Sports, Emperors on Ice and Baby Chicco Adventures are just three examples of the titles you can play. Yeti Sports is a classic penguin game with a sadistic twist. You must use your huge club and hit the penguin to see how far you can make it travel. Don’t worry, your furry friend is not hurt and he enjoys flying through the air!

Exploding Penguins is another fun game – you must help your penguin reach his girlfriend and bring her fish! You do this by exploding various objects and creating a path for him. Bombs will catapult your penguin and alter his direction. Finally, we have Ice Penguin – in this puzzle game, you must free the penguins from the ice by joining them together using only horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. You will find this game challenging as you try to figure out the correct route. These penguin games are just a tiny snippet of the titles we have to offer! Have a look through our other penguin games and have some fun!


What are the most popular Penguin Games?

  1. Baby Chicco Adventures
  2. Emperors on Ice
  3. JustFall.LOL
  4. Learn To Fly
  5. Pengu Slide
  6. Penguins Attack TD 2
  7. Penguin Wars
  8. Sleep Walk
  9. Yeti Sports
  10. Me and the Key

What are the best Penguin Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Pengu Slide
  2. Baby Chicco Adventures
  3. Sleep Walk
  4. Penguin Massacre
  5. Penguin Wars

What are Penguin Games?

Penguin games allow you to interact and control these adorable animals in a variety of different scenarios. From penguin sports and platform games to penguin RPGs and puzzle games – there is something for every penguin lover!

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