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Papa's Games

Work in one of Papa Louie's famous kitchens in this free collection of Papa Louie games.

Play Papa's Games Here

Welcome to the home of Papa Louie on the web. Here you can play all the greatest games in the Papa Louie franchise for free online. What can you expect from a Papa Louie game? Delicious food, questionable business practices, and a fun challenge! Most of Papa’s games involve making food and managing a restaurant. That’s not easy, but it is thrilling to work in Papa's kitchen.

Papa's Cooking Games

Typical Papa’s games let you cook up your favorite fast food and baker’s treats in time for customers. In these games you have to combine the right ingredients in the correct order. Precision and timely service are very important!

Some of the fast-food delights include delicious wings, tacos, and donuts. Papa’s biggest fans love to play these titles:

Papa Louie Platformers

Aside from cooking and baking, there are Papa Louie platformer games that take you on an adventure in a 2D side-scrolling world. In these games you have to fight baddie burger ingredients. Have a look:

There are many more of these classic Papa Louie Flash games to check out, so have fun and make Papa proud! What tasty treats do you feel like eating today? Jump into the Papa Louie Arcade and make yummy food for your hungry customers!


What are the most popular Papa's Games?

  1. Papa's Scooperia
  2. Papa's Freezeria
  3. Papa's Bakeria
  4. Papa's Pancakeria
  5. Papa's Sushiria
  6. Papa's Donuteria
  7. Papa's Pastaria
  8. Papa's Taco Mia
  9. Papa's Wingeria
  10. Papas Cupcakeria

What are the best Papa's Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Papa's Freezeria
  2. Papas Cupcakeria
  3. Papa's Wingeria
  4. Papa's Pizzeria
  5. Papa's Taco Mia

What are Papa's Games?

Papa’s games are food games featuring the beloved Italian chef Papa Louie. Often referred to as a Gameria, Papa’s games teach you how to run your own restaurant and make delicious food. Two popular Papa Louie games are Papa’s Pizzeria and Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack.

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