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Papa's Sushiria

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December 2016
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Papa’s Sushiria is a casual restaurant game where you create sushi for customers. Learn the ways of a sushi master chef, rolling and slicing sushi rolls with expert precision. Add a range of savory toppings and serve! The days only get business, so make sure you can keep up without lowering the quality!

How to Play

Help Papa Louie run the Sushiria

Papa Louie invited you to the grand opening of Papa’s Sushiria. However, you broke Papa’s lucky cat on the way out, and now you are bonded by debt to work at the Sushiria until it is paid off.

Learn how to make the rice perfectly fluffy before rolling up various ingredients in nori seaweed and rice at the build station. Sometimes you have to flip the roll, and there are different rice types.

Add delicious flavors and textures

There are many things you can add to your sushi rolls! Like lobster, salmon, and tasty toppings like avocado and mango. You unlock many more delicious items and techniques as you progress! Place your ingredients with care and attention to detail to score the most points from your customers.

Serve with a delicious bubble tea

The final step is making bubble tea for your customers. No doubt, people who love Japanese games enjoy the taste and texture of bubble tea! Make the tea to your customer’s requirements and serve.

Enjoy your leisurely hours

After each day’s shift, you’ll get 3 chances at one of the various minigames. You could be playing Papa’s Derby or any other fun little games. If you succeed at the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with something to help you in the game. You can also use your tips to buy new items for the restaurant.

Spruce up the Sushiria

Decorative items like tables and posters help improve customer waiting time, while upgrades to the equipment can make the food prep process easier and faster. Eventually the shop floor will be completely kitted out with new furniture, flooring, walls—all the bells and whistles. You have to earn them first, though!


  • Pick a character or build your own
  • Enjoy playing various minigames after a shift
  • Craft bespoke sushi rolls to your customer’s request
  • Upgrade Papa’s Sushiria with all of the finest furnishings
  • Become a sushi master chef!

Release Date

December 2016


Flipline Studios developed this game, just like the other Papa's games. Two other popular restaurant games in this category are Papa's Wingeria and Papa's Pancakeria.


Web browser


Use the mouse to play the game.