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Restaurant Games - What culinary delights can you create?

Everyone enjoys eating out at a fine restaurant - there is something fun and exciting about getting dressed up and sitting down for a meal that someone else has prepared! Every big city has a plethora of different restaurants covering a wide range of cuisines - from Italian and Indian, to Chinese and fast food. If you love food and drink, you will appreciate a quality restaurant and the effort that goes into preparing a meal. If you do love cooking and food, you can try out your skills in a range of restaurant themed browser games!This type of game can cover a range of different themes but the most common are restaurant management and cooking games. Restaurant management games allow you to build your own eatery and manage every aspect of its day to day running. Cooking games on the other hand place you in a restaurant kitchen and allow you to try out different dishes and creations. We have a fantastic range of restaurant games waiting to be played! Papas Pizzeria for example is a fun restaurant game in which you must take orders, add pizza toppings, put them in the oven, and cut the pizzas! We also have the fun Penguin Diner - the aim of this game is simple; you must serve your penguin customers and make as much profit as possible! Café Panic is another brilliant game of café management. In this title you must become a successful barista within a popular coffee shop and try to manage the customer orders and keep everyone satisfied! Finally we have The Waitress, a classic arcade game where you play as a waitress in a distinctly average cafe. Take orders from customers and do it fast to keep them happy! These are just four of our most popular restaurant games - why not check out what other fun filled titles we have to offer!


What are the most popular Restaurant Games?

  1. Burger Boss
  2. Funny Animal Cafe
  3. Sweet Shop 3D
  4. Sushi Factory
  5. Sushi Drop
  6. Cafe Panic
  7. Multi Level Restaurant
  8. Mahjong Kitchen
  9. Jelly Restaurant
  10. ABC Pizza Maker

What are the best Restaurant Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Burger Boss
  2. Sweet Shop 3D
  3. Mahjong Kitchen
  4. Papa's Pancakeria
  5. Papa's Pizzeria

What are some underrated Restaurant Games?

  1. Papa's Freezeria
  2. Papa's Pizzeria
  3. Papa's Burgeria

What are Restaurant Games?

Restaurant games allow you to test out you culinary and management skills in a variety of different establishments such as Pizza places and Sushi bars.

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