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Dolphin Games

Swim around as one of the most fascinating aquatic animals in these free online dolphin games!

About Dolphin Games

Dolphin games are popular among children and animal lovers for featuring dolphins, which are highly intelligent and adorable aquatic mammals. You can jump through hoops, gobble up fish, rescue other animals, and many more exceptional tricks!

The Best Dolphin Games

If you’re looking for the best and most exciting dolphin games, check out the My Dolphin Show series! Why not start with the original My Dolphin Show.

You can also play the classic Flash game, Dolphin Olympics, and send your dolphin hurling into space while doing flips and chewing up fish for fun.

Dolphin games are available on various gaming devices. You can play on the web, for free at CrazyGames on mobile and desktop.


What are the most popular Dolphin Games?

  1. PEAL - Blocky Dolphin Tale
  2. Dolphin Olympics

What are the best Dolphin Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

    What are Dolphin Games?

    Dolphin games feature dolphins as the main element of the game. These games often involve controlling a dolphin to complete various tasks like swimming through obstacles, diving, and jumping through hoops.

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