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Armor Games - fight and upgrade!

An important aspect of warfare and fighting is armor. Armor is what protects heroes from damage and helps them pull through battles. Armor can also mean heavily armored vehicles such as tanks and warships. Basically, anything that provides protection!

We have a huge array of Armor Games ranging from simple point and click action games, to idle clickers, RPG strategy games, and fantastic tower defense titles. Each Armor game enables you to fight and usually upgrade characters or vehicles with different components and equipment. The main aim is to improve so that you can fight tougher opponents.

Common elements of Armor Games

So what can you expect from this type of game? The following are some common elements:
  • Equippable items for characters
  • Upgrade systems to improve stats and armor
  • Gameplay revolving around fighting
  • Level systems for characters
  • Item chests and loot
This style of game is in fact similar to RPG games and many Armor titles are indeed classed as RPG games too. Players have to use their strength and equipment to their advantage to defeat their enemies and progress through the different levels and maps.

Popular Armor Games at Crazygames

As mentioned above, we have an excellent choice of titles from this genre including, Swords & Souls, Strike Force Kitty 3, and Safe Haven. is an amazing multiplayer io game with epic fighting action. The gameplay is similar to Clash of Clans - players must use different armored units to engage opponents in 1on1 battles. Use a variety of tactics to win and upgrade your heroes.

Swords & Souls, on the other hand, is a brilliant RPG game with fun graphics. Players must create their own hero, train them, and upgrade their weapons, armor, and stats. Once ready for battle, players can take their hero into the arena and fight for prizes. Win cash to further upgrade their characters and unlock new game features.

Strike Force Kitty 3: League is a game all about fighting cats. You must control a team of elite combat cats and train them up to fight in various leagues. Players can improve their armor, weapons, and abilities. Moreover, unlock different costumes and have fun creating a kitty fighting force.

Finally, we have Safe Haven. Safe Haven is a fun survival game in which players must help their characters survive in the middle of a deadly forest filled with vicious bugs and monsters. Players use their safe house as a base and must upgrade their hero with new weapons and equipment to take out the ever-increasing horde of monsters.

Try out these amazing Armor Games today!

The games found here at Crazygames will keep you entertained for hours. This genre of game has great play-ability - most Armor titles have multiple levels and worlds to explore. Furthermore, there is usually a mind-boggling array of characters, equipment, and weapons to unlock.

Give our range of Armor games a try today and see what amazing characters you can create!

We collected 154 of the best free online armor games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new armor games such as Swords and Paws and top armor games such as Battalion Commander, Warfare 1917, and Takeover.
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