U.S. 50 States

U.S. 50 States is the fun geography game that will test your patriotism and knowledge of the 50 states within the United States of America. You will be asked questions that are based on the states and you must select the correct one using your mouse to answer the question.

There are a total of 30 questions to answer correctly and your score will decrease each time that you answer a question incorrectly so try to get your answer right first time. If you get stuck and answer wrongly several times in a row you will be prompted with the right answer to help you progress. Good luck!

Release Date

November 2017


Oleg Nikishov made U.S. 50 States. You can also play the game on the developer's website and support him further via Patreon.


  • A geography map game with a theme about 50 states of America
  • 30 questions are given
  • The wrong answer is marked as red and you can see the correct location if you answer incorrectly several times
  • States name
  • Simple graphics


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Left click to play.
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