Twirly Birdy

Twirly Birdy is a simple but entertaining platform game. A cute and adorable owl is stuck at the bottom of a very tall tree and you must help him return to his mother! You must help the owl twist and turn and jump from branch to branch to slowly make his way back up the tree to his nest. The controls are simple – use the left and right arrows to jump in the respective direction.

As you jump from platform to platform you must catch and eat the small bugs and insects to increase your score – some bugs and plants provide a score multiplier so try and capture as many as possible. Watch out for other animals too however such as the squirrel and crow as they can disrupt your progress! Help our adorable owl reach his mother today and have some twirling fun!

Release Date

March 2018


Twirly Birdy was made by Psionic Games.


  • A fun arcade game that is featuring a cute owl and inspired by the famous Doodle Jump
  • 3 levels to play and 1 bonus level to unlock
  • Your mission is to reach the mommy owl on top of the tree and get as many scores as possible
  • Nice animations and music


Twirly Birdy is a web browser game. It's also available as an Android app.



Use left and right arrow to jump left/right.
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