Trump vs Fraud News

President Donald Trump is walking down the street but he comes under attack by ruthless media personalities and reporters who wish to sully his good name! The President will not go down without a fight however and it is your job to help him defeat his enemies in brutal hand to hand combat!

Trump can use a combination of punches and kicks to defeat the reporters, but he can also block incoming attacks and jump out of the way. Furthermore, you can destroy the crates and oil cans on the street and find Trump Steak and Trump Water! Trump Steak restores a portion of Donald's health, whilst Trump Water can be thrown at your enemies for devastating damage! Can you help the President fight those evil fraudsters?


This parody fighting game is developed by lionpress.



  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space bar to jump
  • Z to punch
  • X to kick
  • C to block
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