The Border Lands

The Border Lands (AKA Border Lands Demake) is a 2D top-down browser version of the popular console game Borderlands 2. The game has cool 2D 16-bit graphics and authentic map locations to explore. Before starting, you can choose from 4 of the original characters from Borderlands 2 – Salvador, Maya, Zero or Axton – each character has unique abilities and differing skills so pick one that suits your playstyle!

When you have chosen your character you enter the arena. The aim is simple – you must destroy wave after wave of enemies and survive for as long as possible! Each wave of enemies gets stronger and progressively harder so keep moving and keep shooting. Some enemies use melee attacks but others have weapons so dodge their fire. When you kill certain enemies they will drop a weapons crate – use your directional keys to choose which weapon you wish to use. Weapons include a flamethrower, a machine gun, a pistol and an acid thrower! How long can you survive for and how many enemies can you defeat in Borderlands?



  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space bar or Z to fire
  • Hold fire and move button to lock aim
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