Tap Tap Color Bounce

Tap Tap Color Bounce is an amazing arcade game in which you must attempt to guide your small circle through a maze of multicolored rings. This might sound easy, but you can only pass through the rings when your own circle matches the same color. This means that your timing must be impeccable and you must make your moves carefully. Keep tapping away and moving the circle left to right – be careful not to touch any of the sides unless the color matches!

This game takes inspiration from the popular arcade game and is just as challenging and fun. It is an endless game, and you must simply see what top score you can obtain. Can you master the color bounce?

Release Date

September 2018 (iOS). February 2019 (WebGL).


Tap Tap Colour Bounce was made by playh5.


  • A fun arcade game that is inspired by Color Switch
  • Bouncing movement from left to right
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Changeable shapes


Tap Tap Colour Bounce is a web browser game. We also have the iOS version.


Press left/right arrow or left click to bounce.
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