Surf Riders

Surf Riders is the awesome arcade game in which you must ride the waves and surf some of the most knarly waters across the seas. The twist with this game is that you can control the seas themselves to make them align and create a safe passage for the surfer. Ascend and descend each section of water to allow the surfer to continue riding the beautiful ocean.

To get a higher score time the movement of the waters to allow the surfer to collect coins as they move forwards. You can exchange these coins for better surfers as there is a host of new ones to unlock. Help the surfer travel as far as you can and don’t let him wipeout! Have fun!

Release Date

July 2018


  • A fun arcade game about surfing
  • Easy controls of the waves
  • Unlockable more surfers, including Batman
  • 2D side-scrolling view


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • W or up arrow to make the wave ascend
  • S or down arrow to make the wave descend
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