Killing Games

The most popular killing game is Murderer. It’s a first-person multiplayer game inspired by Among Us. There’s one murderer picked at random, and the rest of the players have to figure it out and try to stop them using lethal force.

Shoot to Kill

Since the inception of guns, killing has become a lot easier. The result is a whole genre of awesome shooting games.

Check out Anti-Terrorist Rush 3 and use your guns to decimate terrorist snowmen in this thrilling 2D platformer. If you prefer online FPS games, Pixel Gun Apocalypse 2 might be more your preferred style with its fast-paced arena gameplay.

More Games

If you’d rather go hunting animals instead, try out In this online .io game, you play as a shark fighting against others to become ruler of the sea. Browse the Killing Games collection for more related games!


What are the most popular Killing Games?

  1. Ninja Hands
  2. Slash Royal
  3. Sniper Shot: Bullet Time
  4. Horde Killer: You vs 100
  5. Murderer
  6. Stickman Supreme Duelist 2
  8. TowerWatch - PVP Battle
  9. Stabfish 2
  10. Bank Robbery

What are the best Killing Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  2. Stabfish 2
  3. Gangsters
  4. Samurai Madness
  5. Slashy Camp

What are Killing Games?

Killing games involve killing one or more game characters using various weapons. Those characters could be humans, aliens, animals, or insects. Killing is wrong unless you’re a good guy. But since it’s a game, you get to choose how you use lethal force. Explore your killer side in any of these titles!

We collected 163 of the best free online killing games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new killing games such as and top killing games such as Ninja Hands, Slash Royal, and Sniper Shot: Bullet Time.
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