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Let's Fish

(3,637 votes)
September 2020
Browser (desktop-only), App Store(Android)

Let’s Fish is an online fishing game. Catch over 650 species of fish and play with your friends in river-ting PvP fishing duels and tournaments.  With over 60 stunning locations to go angling, this game will reel you in and have you hooked.

How to Play Let’s Fish

Let’s Fish starts by giving you a simple fishing task to complete. To catch fish, you have to have to be a fast clicker to keep resistance on the line and score that fresh piece of fish. After the first task, you’ll have to bait the line yourself with various bait types attracting different species of fish.

Fish Species

There are over 650 types of fish to catch in Let’s Fish, so you might as well get comfortable. Some of the fish you’ll be reeling in are tuna, catfish, and tuna. You can also catch gargantuan fish like white sharks, whales, and everything in-between.


There are over 60 locations to set up your rod and chillax. Crack open a cold beverage and enjoy the natural landscapes of Alaska, Rio, Norway, and the vast lakes and oceans of America.


The gear you use to fish depends on the location you’re fishing in. Some locations will require a net for fishing, and the species of fish will vary depending on where you are.

You can accessorize and customize your fishing gear for the authentic experience. You can choose different bait types for different fish, and there’s a range of hooks, lines, reels, nets, and more. Perfect for a fishing aficionado!


Fishing alone is a tranquil experience, but it can be even more fun to get together with your fishing buddies to compete with each other!

In Let’s Fish you can take part in tournaments like the weekend fishing championship. There’s a PvP mode, ranking system, and plenty of matches to keep you occupied and improve your knowledge of fishing while having fun!


  • Over 650 species of fish to sink your hook into
  • 60 picturesque locations to go fishing
  • Realistic fishing gear for a truly authentic experience
  • Online mode with PvP challenges and a leaderboard

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Release Date

August 2014 (Android). September 2020 (HTML5).


Let's Fish was made by Ten Square Games.


Web browser. We also have the Android version.


Use your mouse to interact with the game.

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