Dolphin Olympics

Dolphin Olympics is an awesome game of skill in which you must control and acrobatic dolphin and try to perform a variety of cool tricks! You only have a time limit of two minutes and within this time limit you must rack up a high score by trying out different tricks and landing them successfully.

Use the arrow keys to control the movement of your dolphin - build up speed underwater first before you launch out of the water and perform huge jumps. Use the down arrow to perform corkscrew spins, and use the left and right arrows to perform front and back flips. You gain points for each completed trick, and also for a perfect re-entry into the water. What high score can you register in Dolphin Olympics?

Release Date

August 2006


Alan Rawkins developed Dolphin Olympics.


  • Many tricks to be performed
  • You can chase fishes around
  • 2 minute time limit


Dolphin Olympics is a web browser game.


Move with arrow keys.

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