Super Grower

Super Grower is a fun game of agility and reflexes. In this game you must control a white square – you aim to grow the square to an immense size to eliminate all other objects on the level. You must move your square around the playing area and eat the smaller white squares to help you grow.

You must also avoid objects and enemies that are thrown as projectiles – if you get hit with one then the level is over and you must restart! There are many levels to complete and the difficulty increases as you progress. You must have awesome reflexes and fast fingers to conquer Super Grower!

Release Date

Super Grower was initially released in September 2018 and was updated in December 2018.


Nannings Games made Super Grower. You can also play his another game, Enchanted Path.


  • 40 levels to complete with constantly increasing challenge
  • Fast-paced arcade game
  • 2D graphics
  • Easy controls: the square follows your mouse movement


Web browser. We also have the Steam version.



Move your mouse to control the movement.
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