Strategic Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic tac toe taken to the next level! Strategic Tic-Tac-Toe lets you have fun with this classic game again. The cell in which you place your sign determines the board in which your opponent must place his or her sign.

You have to form a line of 3 won boards to win the game. You can play against the computer or against a friend. Have fun!

Tic tac toe, but multiplied

The classic game of naughts and crosses is relatively simple. When playing with 9 different boards simultaneously, however, it becomes challenging! This version takes the basic premise and pushes the limits with exciting multi-board gameplay.

Players can take on an AI computer opponent, or test their skill against their friends in two-player battle modes. The computer opponent is cunning and you must work hard to defeat them. Remember the basic tic tac toe strategies and try to outsmart them.

Consider which board you want to play next

Aside from the basic tic tac toe gameplay, you must also remember that which of the 9 boards you can play is restricted. This depends on which square you place your marker in. For example, if you placed a marker, in the top-left corner of the central board, this would then open the top-left board for the next turn.

This adds an extra level of strategy to the game. You can dictate the flow of play and try to stop your opponent from completing a run on three by diverting the play to a different board. You must therefore always think one or two steps ahead. Furthermore, you must try and anticipate where your opponent will play next too.

See if you can master the strategies and become an elite naughts and crosses player today in strategic tic tac toe!


To finish, we have listed the main features of this exciting board game below. Remember that by playing this game on our site you agree to our terms of service.
  • Simple tic tac toe gameplay
  • Singleplayer and two-player game modes
  • Compete across 9 playing boards simultaneously
  • Fun paper-based graphics


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