Starkid's Obstacle Course
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Starkid's Obstacle Course

Starkid’s Obstacle Course is a fantastic skill game that is inspired by the excellent and renowned World’s Hardest Game. You must successfully collect all of the green triangles on each level before you can progress. This might sound easy, but you are confronted with many obstacles as you move around the levels.

There are various levels waiting for you in this game, each with its unique challenge. You will find yourself addicted to this game as you try to beat the obstacle course challenges!

Release Date

November 2018


Sean Mombourquette made Starkid's Obstacle Course.


This is the demo version that consists of 2 courses with a total of 20 levels. You can get the full game on Steam.


  • Bullet-hell obstacles that are moving in different directions
  • Simple 2D graphics
  • You can retry as many as you like if you failed in a level
  • Nice music


  • Web browser
  • Steam


Press WASD or arrow keys to move.