Spheroku is a brand new Sudoku game in which the board is a sphere and the numbers are colors! The gameplay is the same as in a normal Sudoku, but you need to match colors instead of numbers. You need to rotate the sphere and memorize the colors; you can make use of the marker to help you to memorize the colors you predict. There are 4 levels of difficulty, ranging from beginner to master. If you get stuck, feel free to use the cheat button to reveal the correct color (your score is reduced slightly when you do so). Are you a Sudoku master and can you overcome this brand new Sudoku challenge?

How to play

  • Unfilled cells are grey
  • Each color can be used only one time in every horizontal line, vertical line, and 3x3 area (in grid pack)


Spheroku is developed by 3D Department and can be played online on CrazyGames.com


Spheroku is available in the browser (using WebGL) and as an Android app (see the button below).



Left click to pick a color and select the cell. Hold and move the left mouse button to rotate the sphere.
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