Radical Assault
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Radical Assault

Radical Assault is the intense top-down view shooter in which you are deep behind enemy lines using you highly tuned military training and pure will to survive and defeat all of the enemies who are desperate to put an end to your mission.

As you infiltrate radical groups headquarters you will be attacked from all angles, use you weapons and roll ability to defeat them before they capture you. Whilst trying to survive keep an eye out for the stolen money hidden around as move through the headquarters. Defeat your enemies and complete your mission soldier!

Release Date

May 2018


  • 3D shooting game with top-down view
  • Smooth movements
  • 3 gun options to use
  • Big area to explore


Web browser


  • To move, press WASD or arrow keys
  • To shoot, press left mouse button
  • To reload, press R
  • To roll, press space bar
  • To switch guns, press 123