Pizza Party 2

Pizza party 2 is a fun restaurant management game in which you must try your hand at becoming a successful pizza maker! You work at a local pizzeria in your town and you must serve delicious pizzas to the stream of hungry customers that enter the restaurant!

Read the customer orders carefully and see what ingredients they require – you must take care of the base, toppings and all aspects of the pizza. Be sure to match the order correctly and complete it as quickly as possible – you do not want to keep your customers waiting too long for their gorgeous creations! As you progress through each level you unlock a wide variety of ingredients and pizza types. Have fun baking today and see what awesome pizzas you can make!

Release Date

March 2018


  • Put the ingredients to make the pizza as requested
  • You also need to fill the beverage based on the request
  • 6 pizza recipes can be used
  • Different customer's appearances


Web browser (desktop and mobile).


Use left mouse button to choose an ingredient and drink.
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