Nyanicorn is another addition to the super fun Nyan Cat series! In this game you must as usual travel as far as you can to try and best your high score however, this game has a slight twist as you will use platforms to land on and you must jump from one to another to stay in the game.

Use the platforms to advantage and get big air as they create ramps and watch Nyan cat fly through the air with that iconic rainbow trail making sure you use the dash ability to land safely. Make sure you collect the delicious treats as you go and be careful as you only have three lives before you have to start all over again. Good Luck!

Release Date

June 2011


  • A platformer game with Nyan Cat
  • Your mission is to get as many scores as possible
  • Cool Nyan Cat music arrangement


Nyanicorn is a web browser game.



  • Z to jump, press twice for a double jump
  • X to dash
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